…so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too.”             2 Corinthians 1:6

MissionSupplying frozen buckets/bags of nourishing soups for those going through all stages of cancer. 


    Many side effects from cancer treatments prevent patients from being able to cook for themselves. 
    Soup can help ease the burden while warming the soul.

    The founders are: 


    Rachel & Debbie met at a group support meeting for cancer survivors 4 years ago in the Twin Cities area. 
    They've been cooking things up ever since. 
    Teaming up to provide support, encouragement and prayer for others,  Soup Buckets was "born" from the blessing a meal can bring to someone.  A frozen bucket or bag of soup is something little we can do to be hands and feet of Jesus to help someone going through any stage of cancer. Comfort in a bowl. Care in action. 

    Need to be blessed by a bucket? 
    Click the "Contact us" page to find out more
    We are happy to help free of charge. There is NO cost. 

    You can also volunteer in a way that helps cancer survivors. MAKE SOUP! 
    We need soup makers in our soup kitchen in Anoka. It's a wonderful outreach opportunity and a great way to "give back" to our community. Groups/friends/families welcomed. 

    *Soup Buckets currently serves the Twin Cities North Metro Area.